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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hello everyone! Happy Spring! I know that many of you are still enduring the blustery winds of winter, but don't give up hope ... spring is just around the corner. Traditionally, March has been known as a wonderful time to do our "spring cleaning". It is a time of renewal and new beginnings and ... a time to release and let go of all that no longer serves our highest good to make room for the new! What a great idea!

I recently moved to a new house and although I try to keep up with my "release work" realized how much had physically accumulated over the past six years in my past house. This is especially prevelant in the closets and storage units. I realized that there were boxes I had placed in my storage unit from my last move that I vowed I would clear out six years ago which I never even looked at. (Sound familiar?) It reminded me of how often we do this in our emotional and spiritual lives as well. Old resentments, angers and wounds from the past that we "think" we will deal with, but we push them to the background because we are "too busy" or really just don't want to deal with them right now. The next thing we know, years have gone by and they are still there and it may take even more work to bring them up to the surface again. But how good it feels to truly look at all the old stuff and let it go! We create a space within ourselves for new things to come into our lives and we truly shift our vibration of consciousness when we can release and let go of old things. I physically gave away tons of things to donation centers that I no longer need and that also creates another dimension in our lives because as we give, we create space to receive new and wonderful things. As we release the physical it also helps us in our emotional, mental and spiritual selves. That is true in the opposite as well. As we clear out the emotional, mental and spiritual baggage, it helps us physically. I am presently on a weight loss program and I know that as I release the baggage in all areas of my life it will help me in releasing the physical weight as well. If one has health issues, it will help shift the vibration to make way for more vibrant health. I encourage you to take some time and to do some inventory this spring. Take a look at all the things in your life which you are holding onto for sentimental reasons or out of fear or just because you haven't wanted to deal with it. Do you "inner work" with the situation ... learn the lesson ... integrate the valuable things from the experience ... then release the rest to the universe with love and gratitude.

This whole process also reminded me of how much we "think" we'll remember in our lives but don't and gave me an opportunity to view my growth. As I was clearing out old stuff I came across my journal when I was 10 years old. Although at the time I know that the topics I discussed were very important and serious to me, I must admit reading them now were truly hilarious! I realized how much I have truly grown. I also came across old photographs and keepsakes that reminded me of experiences I had forgotten and how much they impacted me and the importance they played in my development. This brought forth much gratitude for all I have encountered and truly allowed me to witness my evolvement. It made me realize that in 20 or 40 years when I look back on this era of my life I'll probably have another good belly laugh!

Just some food for thought ... I hope you'll take some time to clear out the old in all areas of your life to create space to allow your highest good to come through. I'll be thinking of you and wishing you well and as always sending you love, light and many blessings.

Lots of love,


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