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Thursday, May 24, 2007
SedonaTalkRadio ... new home to "Intuitive Living"

Namaste Friends!

For the past three years I've been broadcasting on Achieve Radio and it has been a wonderful journey. Achieve Radio is totally a grassroots company and it has been fun to see the growth and changes along the way. When we began broadcasting, the owner, Bill Schreiner, had built a sound booth in his living room. Several months later we moved to a beautiful space in the historic district of Glendale (a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona that has quaint little sidewalks with old fashion lamp posts and awnings. They are known for their many antique and mom and pop style shops.) In Glendale we broadcast open air on a stage in the window where people could see us as we did our shows. It was wondeful to watch the people walking past our window and waving to us. We also had room for a "live" studio audience and I absolutely loved having interaction with the people. As the station grew many of our hosts were no longer local and we discovered that we didn't need so much space and moved next door to a smaller space that was more quaint. We no longer broadcast in the window to help make for less distractions but could still see all the excitement out the front window. Although Glendale is just a suburb it has a lot of enthusiam and is known for hosting numerous festivals on the town square through out the year (The Chocolate Festival, The Jazz Festival, Glendale Glitters at Christmas with a multitude of lights.) While I will miss the atmosphere and will also miss the family at Achieve Radio I heeded the call to Spirit to move on and will be joining Sedona Talk Radio beginning June 4, 2007 ( The show will air at the same day and same time ... just a new station with new enthusiasm and excitment! I am hoping that all my listeners will join me and will also tell their friends and family. I am committed to making "Intuitive Living" even better than before and look forward to the possibilities!

Although Phoenix has been my home for nearly 10 years now, I have always had a special love for Sedona, Arizona, so this is a perfect fit for me. Not only has Sedona been voted the most beautiful vacation sight in the United States, but I can honestly say that I feel it is the most beautiful place I've ever seen. (The Grand Canyon is magnificent also, but in a different way.) The beauty and energy of Sedona truly inspires and uplifts me, not to mention the mystical experiences I've encountered in Sedona that have nurtured my spiritual journey as well. Sedona is a small town with a small town feel that offers a variety of gifts ... fabulous galleries and shops, breath taking sights and hiking trails not to mention that it is known as a spiritual mecca of holistic and intuitive professionals. When I moved to Arizona 10 years ago I longed to live there but knew that I needed to be in Phoenix for the opportunities and the growth that it offered. While I love living in Phoenix and enjoy the daily sunshine and warm temperature I love to escape to Sedona whenever I get a chance to renew my spirit. (Since it is only an hour and half north of Phoenix it is not difficult to do.) I've felt such a kinship with the energy and beauty of this little town that I named my precious little cat "Sedona".

I will continue to live and broadcast in Phoenix for the time being but will be traveling and visiting Sedona even more now that the station is based there. I feel this is a positive move that will enable me to expand and grow my broadcasting abilities and the "Intuitive Living" show. I am excited to begin this new venture and hope that all of my listeners will follow me on this wonderful new journey. I am ready to venture out even more to bring you more exciting shows that will uplift, inspire and assist you in your spiritual journey. Thanks for being a part of my life! Thanks for listening! Please join me on this new journey!

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