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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Namaste, Friends!

I hope that 2008 has started out to be a FABULOUS year for you! In numerology, 2008 is a "1" year and a time for new beginnings! This is the year to create your "heart's desire"!

Speaking of "hearts" ... Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I have always LOVED Valentine's Day because it is a day to express to the important people in your life how you truly feel about them. Legend tells us that Valentine's Day actually began back in Renaissance times when the emperor in power prohibited marriage because he believed that men made better soliders if they were not married. A local priest by the name of "Valentine" would secretly marry couples because he believed in "love". When he was found out he was thrown into the dungeon. While in the dungeon he developed affection for a young woman who would bring him his food. He would slip her little notes sharing his affection and signed the notes "From Your Valentine". Thus, through the ages, the celebration of St. Valentine's Day has evolved. Today, many people feel it is about Hallmark cards, flowers and candy, but all of this is not necessary. There is nothing more touching than a handwritten note expressing love and admiration. Create a day for yourself and your love ones ... family, friends and your sweetie ... where you truly demonstrate to them your true love and affection! There's no better gift!

I send to you ... love, light and many blessings! Namaste'

Rev. Therese

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