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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Holding the Vision for Peace

As we walk the path of the "good red road" ... our earth dance on this beautiful planet takes us through the cycles of life. March 21st traditionally celebrates the transition from winter to spring, a time of renewal and new life. This year the energies are intensified as the Vernol Equinox falls on the New Moon, also known as a time of new beginnings and a prime time to plant the seeds of hopes, wishes and dreams we desire to manifest in the world. This year during the Vernol Equinox, elders from indigenous tribes around the world are gathering in Peru to share prayers, dances, and chants to assist in raising the vibration of humanity, to send love, healing and thanksgiving to Mother Earth and to promote peace amongst all people. This gathering is known as "Earth Works for Humanity" and has been founded by Adam Yellowbird DeArmon of Sedona, Arizona. Adam works tirelessly through the year gathering elders, raising funds and organizing events to help shift the consciousness of the planet to promote love, wisdom and healing for all people and to bring people of all nations together. The ancient Native American prophecy tells us that "when the Eagle and the Condor fly together, we shall know peace". North America is represented by the Eagle and South America is represented by the Condor. This gathering in Peru demonstrates to the world that the time has now come for all people, regardless of race, creed or nation, to come together and claim our birthright as brothers and sisters of one human and spiritual family. We are all One ... we are all united. Adam and the elders have invited people around the world to pray and hold ceremony with them wherever you are. We at the Intuitive Living Ministry held ceremony in Phoenix, Arizona on March 21st for this purpose and invited members of the community to join us. We prayered for peace, healing and love for planet earth and for one another. We invisioned a planet where we can all live in harmony with one another. Please continue to hold the vision with us. It is when we all join our hearts and minds together that the vibration of the collective consciousness will be raised and that we will begin to see physical changes in the world in the way we treat the earth and the way we interact with one another. I send you blessings of peace ... aho!

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