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Monday, December 04, 2006
Celebrate the TRUE Meaning of the Season!

Namaste, Friends. Are you currently involved in the hustle bustle of the season by decorating your home with lights and glitter, frantically shopping for the perfect gifts or preparing delectable treats for your guests and holiday celebrations? These are all wonderful benefits of the season, but I encourage you to take time this holiday to be in the silence and allow LOVE to permeate your soul. Reflect on the "Reason for the Season" by focusing on the true meaning of the sacred winter holidays.

Although Christmas generally focuses on the birth of Jesus and the miraculous encounters with angels and wisemen traveling from afar, we find the deeper metaphysical meaning of Christmas when we celebrate the life of Christ and that Jesus was born to model for each and every one of us the true meaning of love. He is our "way shower" in how to live a life that is Divine and also embrace our humanity. We too can embody this ideal by aligning ourselves with and expressing spiritual principles in our life. When we do this, we will also be able to perform miracles ... because miracles occur when we live in alignment with Divine Truth, spiritual laws and believe. Jesus demonstrated for us how we can RISE ABOVE the mundane human life by embodying our Divinity. He told us to "Love God with our whole heart, mind and soul and to love our neighbor as ourselves." To be able to do this we have to realize and fully accept that we are also part of that equation which means that we also are DIVINE. To experience the profound meaning of Christmas is to allow the Christ Consciousness to be born in us and to make the commitment to live in integrity each moment of our lives.

Light is another profound message of the season as the Jews celebrate the miracle of the "Festival of Light" through Hannakha. It demonstrates the power of our faith and the ability to cocreate our reality when we put God first in our life and when we utilize our spiritual gifts, which was demonstrated by the oil lamps continuing to burn for days after the oil was thought to have burned out.

We again find the theme of Light in the celebration of the Winter Soltice which commemorates "the coming of the sun" as the days again grow longer ... or "the coming of the son" as we celebrate the coming of the Light within ourselves as we awaken to the birth of Christ Consciousness in ourselves.

Finally the celebration of Kwanzaa reminds us to be honorable and live in intergrity by embodying these sacred principles:

Umoja (oo-MO-jah) Unity stresses the importance of togetherness for the family and the community, which is reflected in the African saying, "I am We," or "I am because We are."

Kujichagulia (koo-gee-cha-goo-LEE-yah) Self-Determination requires that we define our common interests and make decisions that are in the best interest of our family and community.

Ujima (oo-GEE-mah) Collective Work and Responsibility reminds us of our obligation to the past, present and future, and that we have a role to play in the community, society, and world.

Ujamaa (oo-JAH-mah) Cooperative economics emphasizes our collective economic strength and encourages us to meet common needs through mutual support.

Nia (NEE-yah) Purpose encourages us to look within ourselves and to set personal goals that are beneficial to the community.

Kuumba (koo-OOM-bah) Creativity makes use of our creative energies to build and maintain a strong and vibrant community.

Imani (ee-MAH-nee) Faith focuses on honoring the best of our traditions, draws upon the best in ourselves, and helps us strive for a higher level of life for humankind, by affirming our self-worth and confidence in our ability to succeed and triumph in righteous struggle.

This holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannakha, Winter Solstice or Kwanzaa, allow the child like nature of joy to spring forth this holiday season as you revel in the glow of celestial celebrations, but remember to allow your heart to shine a magnitude of love, light and blessings that only the consciousness of Christ can express. In your compassion, gratitude and generousity your spirit will be blessed beyond your wildest imaginations and your soul will experience a quantum leap on the path of spiritual enlightenment!

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