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Sunday, March 22, 2009
The Divine Beloved ... Living the Namaste Way

Last summer I received the guidance to begin recording an "Interfaith Service" and posting it to the web site. My friend, Barbara South, was coming over to accompany me with her angelic keyboard music. But it became difficult getting our schedules together and after recording two services, I did not post any more for the year. I recently received the guidance to begin again, but, instead of making it a service I was guided to record meditations and inspirational messages. I recently recorded a beautiful meditation set to angelic music from Ashana along with an inspirational message about living "The Namaste Way". It also features another beautiful song from Ashana "You Are My Breath" about the Divine Beloved. I hope it brings you joy and enlightenment. I hope you will check back often as I plan to post at least one new meditation and/or message each month to help you on your spiritual journey. Namaste ... Enjoy.

Monday, January 19, 2009
Taking Time For God ....

This past Christmas I traveled back to my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri to visit my family. I usually look forward to this as it is an opportunity to spend time with my family. This year, however, things were a bit different as my family had experienced a huge family argument and everyone was still angry with one another and not speaking or getting along. Because of this we did not have a gathering with everyone present so I had to celebrate separately with different family members on different days. Although this was not my ideal, I went with the flow and decided to try to make it as special as I could. On Christmas Eve I was scheduled to spend the day with my Mother. She had been feeling down about the family quarrel because it left her with nothing to do on Christmas Day. When I arrived I found out that she had invited her brother and sister and their families over to have dinner on Christmas Day, but I would not be able to attend because I was scheduled to spend the day with my father and his wife. I was happy that my Mother had created something festive for herself although I wished I could be a part of it and was content in knowing that she and I would make our own celebration on Christmas Eve. We decided to visit Crown Center which had shops and restaurants and had been a tradition for us when my Grandmother was alive. When I arrived at my Mother's home she had her table already set for her dinner on Christmas day which told me that I guess we would not be having a dinner together. I was fine with going out to eat and looked forward to our day together. Christmas Eve morning I got up and got dressed, ready to begin our day together, to learn that my Mother had decided she did not want to go out. She said it was too cold and there was too much traffic and she wanted to focus on getting ready for her guests for the next day. I asked if she'd like to go to a movie or do something else ... perhaps go out to eat ... do something fun and festive together. But all she could focus on was preparing for her guests the next day. My feelings were extremely hurt and I spent the day angry, hurt and watching television by myself. Not what I had envisioned having traveled 1,200 miles to spend the day with her. That evening went I went to bed contemplating the day I had an "aw-ha" experience. How many times in my life did I treat God the same way? How many times in my life did I fail to give God the attention and focus that he/she deserves? Although my thoughts are almost always on God and my motivation for my life is for God, sometimes I let the busyness of life get in the way of actually sitting down to do my meditation and prayer as much as I would like. Although I am a devout belieiver in meditation, when I don't make the time for it, I justify it by saying that "I'm thinking of God". It's not the same ... I realized and experienced that first hand by what had happened to me that day. Although you know someone loves you, if they don't make the time to give you attention and focus on you and actually let you know they love you ... it's not the same. Although it can be comforting at times to be close enough to someone that you can just "be" in the same space spending time together without speaking, the bond and the connection is so much stronger and more special if you actually take the time to sit down with them, face to face, heart to heart and talk and share and experience one another. The same is true, I believe, with God. We need to take the time to focus our attention in prayer and meditation on God ... to speak our heart and to listen intently to the wisdom and the energy that is bestowed upon us. It is so profound - there is nothing else like it. It is the Source that fuels your soul and when we deny ourselves this precious gift, our life suffers in many ways. Taking this time for God is important because it strengthens the bond and aligns us with the Divine in a way that cannot be done by just our thoughts alone. I don't believe God get his/her feelings hurt like a human does, but I do believe that showing our devotion benefits us greatly in so many ways. I remember my favorite Bible quote ... "Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it so much as dawned on man, the great things that God has in store for those who love Him." Next time I am tempted to skip my meditation time because I am "too busy" ... I will remember this experience. I hope you will also and I urge you to always take time for God. Namaste'.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Living a JOYFUL Life!

When you ask most people what it is that they want in life, most people will reply that they "want to be happy". What is happiness anyway? Is it the absence of conflict? Is it getting all of our needs met? Is it living a "fairy tale" existence? I'm sure the definitions of happiness are as varied as there are people on the planet. But the one thing that I think people need to realize is that happiness is transient. It ebbs and flows like the ocean. It is like the elusive butterfly. It dawns and sets like the sun. That is the nature of it. There are times that you can bask in it's glow and there are times when no matter what you do it evades you. It often seems that we have no control over happiness but it is like grace and is bestowed upon us at the most unlikely times.

I believe what people are really looking for is JOY. Many people would think that JOY and HAPPINESS are the same thing, but, alas ... that is not true. Although they may be kin to one another, JOY is a very different nature. JOY is something deep in your soul that gives your life purpose. JOY leads the way to fulfillment and peace. JOY can be lasting and permanent. JOY connects you with the Divine. But how do we find JOY? Some people have touched upon it but still yearn for that ultimate connection.

One of my favorite sayings is from the great Indian Master Paramahansa Yogananda. He tells us "Everything else can wait ... but the search for God cannot." Those who yearn for JOY are really yearning for God. So look at your life. Where is the void? Do you feel disconnected? Do you yearn for nurturing? Do you yearn for love? What have you filled the void with? I remember hearing Deepak Chopra speak one time and he explained that addictions are a natural part of the spiritual growth process because when we are yearning for God, we first try to fill the void with other things and addicitions occur. What are your addicitions? Alcohol? Food? Drugs? Money? Sex? Work? Control? Are you ready to give them up and create a true connection with Spirt that results in lasting JOY?

Once the addictions have been identified and released (which takes some people their entire lifetime to accomplish), then we can create an authentic relationship with the Divine. Like any other relationship, a relationship with the Divine requires a sincere desire, willingness and commitment. We must plant the seeds and be willing to be patient in watching it grow as we nurture it with love. It takes time as it evolves and blossoms. We do this through meditation, prayer and the ability to see the Divine in All. The misconception is that there is something "out there" that we need to connect to and to attain. But the Truth is that the Divine is within and all around us and in order to have a relationship with it we need to not allow all the distractions of the physical world to get in the way. That's why Jesus told us to live "in the world and not of the world". We can enjoy the house, car and bank accounts if we realize that they are only the cherry on top of the sundae ... they are not the sundae. The sundae is the sweet relationship with the Divine.

We nurture this relationship by being aware, awake and listening ... by "living intuitively" and following the guidance we are given and in order to really "hear" the guidance we must learn to be quiet and truly hear the voice of Spirt whispering to us ... at every moment of every day. When we can do this and when we are willing to commit fully to our relationship with the Divine we will begin to feel the JOY bubbling up from within. You will begin to see the world with "new eyes" and feel connected, nurtured and unconditionally loved by the universe. You will feel a deep sense of peace within and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is nothing that can every harm you or take your JOY away again. You know that you are a unique and special part of the whole and that you have talents and abilities to share to make your contribution. By allowing your JOY to lead the way you will begin to understand these gifts by recognizing that when you feel JOYful about something or someone it is a "YES" from the universe. It is your response that this is something you are supposed to be doing or sharing or experiencing.

So begin now ... release the worldly and go within. Let go of everything except your sincere desire to experience the deep and lasting JOY of your connection to SPIRIT. Once you've experienced that you'll never yearn for anything else again ... because "Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it so much as dawned on man the great things that God has in store for those who love Him."




Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hello everyone! Happy Spring! I know that many of you are still enduring the blustery winds of winter, but don't give up hope ... spring is just around the corner. Traditionally, March has been known as a wonderful time to do our "spring cleaning". It is a time of renewal and new beginnings and ... a time to release and let go of all that no longer serves our highest good to make room for the new! What a great idea!

I recently moved to a new house and although I try to keep up with my "release work" realized how much had physically accumulated over the past six years in my past house. This is especially prevelant in the closets and storage units. I realized that there were boxes I had placed in my storage unit from my last move that I vowed I would clear out six years ago which I never even looked at. (Sound familiar?) It reminded me of how often we do this in our emotional and spiritual lives as well. Old resentments, angers and wounds from the past that we "think" we will deal with, but we push them to the background because we are "too busy" or really just don't want to deal with them right now. The next thing we know, years have gone by and they are still there and it may take even more work to bring them up to the surface again. But how good it feels to truly look at all the old stuff and let it go! We create a space within ourselves for new things to come into our lives and we truly shift our vibration of consciousness when we can release and let go of old things. I physically gave away tons of things to donation centers that I no longer need and that also creates another dimension in our lives because as we give, we create space to receive new and wonderful things. As we release the physical it also helps us in our emotional, mental and spiritual selves. That is true in the opposite as well. As we clear out the emotional, mental and spiritual baggage, it helps us physically. I am presently on a weight loss program and I know that as I release the baggage in all areas of my life it will help me in releasing the physical weight as well. If one has health issues, it will help shift the vibration to make way for more vibrant health. I encourage you to take some time and to do some inventory this spring. Take a look at all the things in your life which you are holding onto for sentimental reasons or out of fear or just because you haven't wanted to deal with it. Do you "inner work" with the situation ... learn the lesson ... integrate the valuable things from the experience ... then release the rest to the universe with love and gratitude.

This whole process also reminded me of how much we "think" we'll remember in our lives but don't and gave me an opportunity to view my growth. As I was clearing out old stuff I came across my journal when I was 10 years old. Although at the time I know that the topics I discussed were very important and serious to me, I must admit reading them now were truly hilarious! I realized how much I have truly grown. I also came across old photographs and keepsakes that reminded me of experiences I had forgotten and how much they impacted me and the importance they played in my development. This brought forth much gratitude for all I have encountered and truly allowed me to witness my evolvement. It made me realize that in 20 or 40 years when I look back on this era of my life I'll probably have another good belly laugh!

Just some food for thought ... I hope you'll take some time to clear out the old in all areas of your life to create space to allow your highest good to come through. I'll be thinking of you and wishing you well and as always sending you love, light and many blessings.

Lots of love,


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Namaste, Friends!

I hope that 2008 has started out to be a FABULOUS year for you! In numerology, 2008 is a "1" year and a time for new beginnings! This is the year to create your "heart's desire"!

Speaking of "hearts" ... Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I have always LOVED Valentine's Day because it is a day to express to the important people in your life how you truly feel about them. Legend tells us that Valentine's Day actually began back in Renaissance times when the emperor in power prohibited marriage because he believed that men made better soliders if they were not married. A local priest by the name of "Valentine" would secretly marry couples because he believed in "love". When he was found out he was thrown into the dungeon. While in the dungeon he developed affection for a young woman who would bring him his food. He would slip her little notes sharing his affection and signed the notes "From Your Valentine". Thus, through the ages, the celebration of St. Valentine's Day has evolved. Today, many people feel it is about Hallmark cards, flowers and candy, but all of this is not necessary. There is nothing more touching than a handwritten note expressing love and admiration. Create a day for yourself and your love ones ... family, friends and your sweetie ... where you truly demonstrate to them your true love and affection! There's no better gift!

I send to you ... love, light and many blessings! Namaste'

Rev. Therese

Wednesday, September 26, 2007
A New Season of "Intuitive Living" Is On The Way!

Namaste Friends!

In the past three years that I've been broadcasting "Intuitive Living" it has been a wonderful, inspiring adventure for me ... and I hope for you also! I've had the opportunity to speak with so many of the top spiritual authors and holistic experts in the world and that has been very exciting and hopefully has helped expand your horizons and shift your perspective in very positive ways!

In June of this past year I shifted from Achieve Radio to Sedona Talk Radio, however, Spirit is nugding me to begin broadcasting independently, so that is what I am currently working on. I will be taking a short sabbatical as I work towards this goal and plan to broadcast brand new shows beginning in January. I promise to do my best to bring you the highest quality guests, shows and sound that I am able to. Please help spread the word and let your friends, family and acquaintences know about the show. I will continue to bring you wonderful show about spiritual and holistic matters, creating world peace and interfaith understanding as well as learning tools to uplift, inspire and reach your potential. As always, the archives will be available for you to listen at your convenience on the computer and Ipod casting. Please stay tuned!

Some of the things I am also currently working on is a FABULOUS Holistic Intuitive Festival and Concert with Arvel Bird. It's going to be a fun, enlightening day and we hope you can join us on Saturday, Oct. 27th in Phoenix, Arizona. Please click on the box at the top of the web pages and it will take you to a special page devoted to information on the Festival and Concert.

I am also FINALLY getting my first Meditation CD completed! I am very excited about this. I had hoped to have it completed last year at this time, but things did not work out that way. But hopefully it will be worth the wait. This CD has three 15 to 20 minute guided visualization meditations. Celestial Passages is a journey to meet your angels and spirit guides, Vision Quest takes you on an adventure around the Medicine Wheel to meet your Power Animals and into "The Great Mystery" to find your vision, and Behold A New Dawn is an escapde in an enchanted forest to discover your purpose, passion and gifts. You'll be able to order this CD online very soon. See the banner on the home page or check out the Gift Shop soon. I'll have some other wonderful merchandise in the Gift Shop soon also ... such as "Namaste" Tshirts!

I also have been teaching a Ministerial Training class and will ordain two new ministers the first part of November. This has been an amazing unfoldment and I send my love and best wishes to my two students. They will both make fabulous ministers. If you are interested in becoming an ADL Minister, contact me and I'll put you in touch with a trainer in your area or can sign you up for my next class.

I'll also be conducting a variety of other wonderful classes in 2008 so check the Calendar of Events often for the latest.

Love and blessings to all of you. Thank you for listening to the "Intuitive Living" radio show. Enjoy the archives and I'll be with you all again in January 2008. In the meantime, I always love to hear from you. You may write to me at for support, questions or to share your stories.

Love, light and many blessings,


Thursday, May 24, 2007
SedonaTalkRadio ... new home to "Intuitive Living"

Namaste Friends!

For the past three years I've been broadcasting on Achieve Radio and it has been a wonderful journey. Achieve Radio is totally a grassroots company and it has been fun to see the growth and changes along the way. When we began broadcasting, the owner, Bill Schreiner, had built a sound booth in his living room. Several months later we moved to a beautiful space in the historic district of Glendale (a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona that has quaint little sidewalks with old fashion lamp posts and awnings. They are known for their many antique and mom and pop style shops.) In Glendale we broadcast open air on a stage in the window where people could see us as we did our shows. It was wondeful to watch the people walking past our window and waving to us. We also had room for a "live" studio audience and I absolutely loved having interaction with the people. As the station grew many of our hosts were no longer local and we discovered that we didn't need so much space and moved next door to a smaller space that was more quaint. We no longer broadcast in the window to help make for less distractions but could still see all the excitement out the front window. Although Glendale is just a suburb it has a lot of enthusiam and is known for hosting numerous festivals on the town square through out the year (The Chocolate Festival, The Jazz Festival, Glendale Glitters at Christmas with a multitude of lights.) While I will miss the atmosphere and will also miss the family at Achieve Radio I heeded the call to Spirit to move on and will be joining Sedona Talk Radio beginning June 4, 2007 ( The show will air at the same day and same time ... just a new station with new enthusiasm and excitment! I am hoping that all my listeners will join me and will also tell their friends and family. I am committed to making "Intuitive Living" even better than before and look forward to the possibilities!

Although Phoenix has been my home for nearly 10 years now, I have always had a special love for Sedona, Arizona, so this is a perfect fit for me. Not only has Sedona been voted the most beautiful vacation sight in the United States, but I can honestly say that I feel it is the most beautiful place I've ever seen. (The Grand Canyon is magnificent also, but in a different way.) The beauty and energy of Sedona truly inspires and uplifts me, not to mention the mystical experiences I've encountered in Sedona that have nurtured my spiritual journey as well. Sedona is a small town with a small town feel that offers a variety of gifts ... fabulous galleries and shops, breath taking sights and hiking trails not to mention that it is known as a spiritual mecca of holistic and intuitive professionals. When I moved to Arizona 10 years ago I longed to live there but knew that I needed to be in Phoenix for the opportunities and the growth that it offered. While I love living in Phoenix and enjoy the daily sunshine and warm temperature I love to escape to Sedona whenever I get a chance to renew my spirit. (Since it is only an hour and half north of Phoenix it is not difficult to do.) I've felt such a kinship with the energy and beauty of this little town that I named my precious little cat "Sedona".

I will continue to live and broadcast in Phoenix for the time being but will be traveling and visiting Sedona even more now that the station is based there. I feel this is a positive move that will enable me to expand and grow my broadcasting abilities and the "Intuitive Living" show. I am excited to begin this new venture and hope that all of my listeners will follow me on this wonderful new journey. I am ready to venture out even more to bring you more exciting shows that will uplift, inspire and assist you in your spiritual journey. Thanks for being a part of my life! Thanks for listening! Please join me on this new journey!

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